Silliest Russian Dirty Words and Phrases

OK, here's the premise. Elya supplies the Russian phrases and translates them literally. Then the Scooper comes up with the nearest English equivalent. Thought it might be interesting and funny to see how they are literally phrased.

English expression

Choking the chicken

Dumb bastard

Hung like a hamster


Pussy lips

Loose pussy


Slipping her the salami

Putting his foot in his mouth

Doing it "doggie style"

The ol' man-root

On the rag

Needed like a fish needs a bicycle


Useless as tits on a bull

Russian literally translated

Stripping the tree-bark

So dumb he'd fuck an oak.



"Cuntryside"(Pun works in both languages)

Big kettle

Wet crevice

Giving her the stick

Farting into a puddle

Doing it "lobster style"

The ol' tree-trunk

Displaying the flag

Needed like a goat needs an accordion

Electric buttons

Useless as a pussy with an alarm clock