Q. Scoop, I am a former member, do I qualify for a discounted rate if I re-join?
A. If you were a Scoopy.net customer with a subscriprion through CCbill prior to November 1, 2001, you are eligible for special grandfathered rates. These rates may not be the exact same rates that you paid in the past, because we have had several rate changes over the years, and we still make a raise to the grandfathered rates now and then to keep pace with inflation. However, if you meet these criteria, you are eligible for the following rates as of now: ($14.95 monthly, $29.95 quarterly, $79.95 annually).

Q. How do I obtain those rates?
A. Send an e-mail to Uncle Scoopy, asking for the "former scoopy member" sign-up information. In that e-mail, please establish that you were a former member - supply your username, or your real name, or the e-mail you used when you signed up, or something - anything that will allow us to find you in the database. We will then verify that you were a former member, and explain how to sign-up under the grandfathered rates.